How does it work?

We work with you as little or as much as you require to successfully establish your training online.

Whether converting existing training content into digital delivery or creating brand new training content for the first time, we can support from initial concept to signed-off completion. Or we can simply provide the hosting platform.

Trisafe hosting can be provided on an individual course-by-course basis, or as a dedicated child site for your brand, providing a highly customised learner experience.

Looking for more information on hosting options?

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Getting started: the 5-point checklist

  • Are there clear learning outcomes identified for your proposed training?

  • Who is the training aimed at – customers, suppliers, partners, dealers, etc?

  • Do you want the learner to demonstrate that they understand the content?

  • Do you wish to issue a certificate to trainees as evidence of training received?

  • Do you hope to charge users to receive the training?

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