Time is money – cut out the travel costs and rigid timings.

Now, more than ever, time is money. In a changed world, many businesses are finding it more difficult to maximise time-efficiency across teams. And when training is required, it can feel like an uphill battle to schedule in training days that suit the majority of a department. Traditional ‘training room’ learning is often time-consuming and can leave staff feeling uninspired. But rigid training schedules shouldn’t have to hold up workflow. For businesses to survive in the long run, team productivity can be maximised by implementing flexibility.

Flexibility built in

When it comes to online training, staff benefit enormously from adaptable online courses that facilitate learning ‘on the run’, rather than having to rigidly set aside time from their busy schedule. By providing engaging training for individual team members, staff can dedicate their own training time neatly around their work schedule. Taking training online enables team members the opportunity for fluid time allocation, and for business owners to eliminate travel- and downtime-related costs.

Trackable time

With a more fluid time allocation, staff can learn at their own rate, improving accessibility and enhancing cognitive processes. By removing the classroom-learning structure, users can absorb information at their own pace and track their progress in doing so. Effective online learning platforms keep track of individuals’ learning performance, showing tangible progress in real-time and even sending helpful reminders to keep learning and development on course.

The logistical advantage

Supplying teams with a powerful online learning facility provides a number of advantages over the training room. Online training not only cuts out the associated travel time; it can even help to make expensive overnight accommodation a thing of the past. Hands-on product training can be offered to international clients, software walkthroughs can be delivered remotely, and sales demonstrations no longer need to take place in person. And when combined with online meeting platforms, taking interaction online means that physical location is no longer an obstacle, opening up a world of possibilities.

Effective delivery of private training to specific internal staff and/or partners.

Powerful opportunity for industry suppliers to engage with target markets.

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