Measure and make people accountable

In this article, we look at the relationship between effective training and positive accountability. It’s easy to have the one without having the other, which significantly reduces its value.

The value of measuring performance

In all areas of business and organisational management, measuring outcomes is essential to successful performance. This has never been more critical than in the current challenging times. Holding every team player accountable ensures collective success and protects against complacency.

Measurement the secret to completion

What gets measured gets done. And what gets done safeguards the future. This applies to just about every activity in an organisation, and certainly includes training. Thorough training of staff, sub-contractors and trade partners is a critical component of any successful organisation, and it requires measurement and accountability to ensure that it is undertaken and completed properly. Key personnel that are instrumental to the fulfilment of your market offering are absolutely pivotal to your success, and ongoing training ensures that they maintain peak performance. It is imperative that it is measured effectively.

Individual accountability via online learning

Online learning platforms provide visible progress for each lesson or module that users engage with. This helps to encourage advancement into further training, particularly when paired with short but frequent knowledge tests. Users can sometimes sign up for brief reminder emails to encourage progress towards a learning goal. Through clear progress tracking, users are responsible for their individual progress within a team, which can also be traceable by management on some platforms. The end result is reliable and easily accessible training for optimum team development, no matter what your industry.

Effective delivery of private training to specific internal staff and/or partners.

Powerful opportunity for industry suppliers to engage with target markets.

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