Earn the profits that your knowledge offers you

Knowledge is power. It’s an age-old saying, but it’s still relevant today. Historically, the underlying basis of the saying was that knowledge retained – that is, held back from others – gives the edge over those around you and therefore constitutes power. But in today’s business world, we argue that the opposite holds true: knowledge shared is power. Because shared knowledge earns respect.

You probably know more than you think

It’s easy to underestimate the value of knowledge held within our companies. Yet acquired expertise throughout many years of trading will often equate to in-depth understanding that others in your industry would place real value on. The value will often lie in the fact that your knowledge can guide others on how to successfully undertake a project, source a product, or commission a supplier, without falling into avoidable pitfalls. If in doubt, review some of the areas that you and your team find yourselves discussing most often with customers – you’re very likely sharing valuable knowledge.

Converting head knowledge into a ‘product’

The biggest factor that limits the value of knowledge is simply keeping it locked as purely head knowledge, which can only be communicated in-person. The most significant step towards effective knowledge share is translating it into well-presented material that can be easily shared. Elevate the knowledge still further into engaging CPD material than can positively instruct time after time, and you have something of real commercial value. All that is then required is a professional online platform to deliver that knowledge and you have your knowledge-based revenue stream ready to run.

Online training makes payment an easy task

A clear advantage of this new-found sales opportunity is that payment for online training is taken at the point of purchase. Streamlined payment gateways enable repeat sales of CPD training courses with minimal admin and no debt collection issues. On the Trisafe platform, addition of a payment pathway is an option with every course added.

Content with a commercial value has added power

Sometimes our clients feel that putting a price to their knowledge content will decrease the level of engagement with it, which will reduce the reach of their expertise. This is a factor that needs careful consideration, but it is worth remembering that access to content with a commercial value can always be ‘given away’ as a special offer package deal or loyalty recognition exercise. Giving away something that has a commercial value will always be perceived as significantly higher worth than standard content that is freely available.

Overcoming the creation hurdle

Converting head knowledge into a saleable commodity can seem a daunting task. This is where engagement of professionals is relevant to help capture that knowledge and translate it into appealing training material. The cost of doing this can be quickly recovered through the sale of your authoritative CPD content.

Of all the NPD opportunities available to companies, conversion of knowledge can be one of the simplest to pursue, and one of the most effective at boosting brand reputation and market status.

Effective delivery of private training to specific internal staff and/or partners.

Powerful opportunity for industry suppliers to engage with target markets.

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