The Trisafe story

Like most start-ups, Trisafe grew from a small seed. That seed was the realisation that competency training needed to match pace with the speed of general knowledge transfer, without losing accountability.

In the digital age, general knowledge, self-help instruction and DIY guidance are available at the click of a button. But specific corporate training to staff, sub-contractors, dealers, installers or other close business partners, is often delivered via inefficient and expensive methods.

Founded in 2017 our simple ambition was to marry effective technology to specific corporate training and CPD needs, client by client.

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What sets Trisafe apart

We’re not the only online training platform and we know it. But it’s how we deliver that sets us apart.

  • We provide you with detailed help in transferring existing training online

  • We support in the creation of online training content to ensure its effectiveness

  • We manage the upload and management of your online training material

  • We assist rollout and communication of training programmes to your people

  • We provide user engagement reports and statistics

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